Turkish Garden Hose Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish garden hose, Turkey garden hose manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality garden hose from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

SIMSEK TARIM ALETLERI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Hurşit ŞİMŞEK    
s pumpkin seed harvester, watermelon seed harvester, melon seed harvester, cucumber seed harvester, pumpkin seed harvesting, watermelon seed harvesting, melon seed harvesting, cucumber seed harvesting, kernel seed harvester, grass silage harvester, corn silage harvester, cow brush, watering trough, cultivator, carrot harvesters, peanut harvesters, onion harvesters, potato harvester, potato planters, butt welding machinery, reaper binder, sesame harvester, reversible plough, thresher machine, thresher, agricultural technology, agro technology, agriculture machines, agricultural machinery, liner, pumpkin rollmax, windrower, pumpkin windrower, pumpkin ranking apparatus, feed mixer, feed mixer wagon, vertical mixer wagon, feed crusher, drip irrigation pipes, fittings, polyethylene pipes, garden hose, tractor spare parts, corn harvesters, sunflower harvester, corn header, sunflower header, field stone collectors, stone collector, fruit picking trailers, universal seed drills, pneumatic precision planters, manure spreader trailer, garden manure spreader, liquid manure spreader, manure spreader trailers, fertilizer spreader machines, roll baler, bale maker, baler, wrappers, feed crusher machinery, horizontal mixer wagon, crushing machinery, feed crushing machinery, horizontal feed mixer, vertical feed mixer, feed mixing equipment, feed mixer distributer, feed distributing, feeding equipment, cattle feed mixer, small feed mixer, bale loading, animal feed processing, gears, automotive gears, agricultural gears, gearbox, agricultural gearboxes, aluminum ingots, plough, silage harverter, maize chopper, grass silage machine, potato grass cutter, pumpkin seed dryer, dryer, pumpkin seed machinery, chickpeas harvesting machine, lentil harvesting machine, bean harvesting machine, maize harvester, forage harvester, clamp pipe, clamp fittings, flat irrigation, rounded irrigation, drip irrigation, seed extractor, seed extractor machinery, seed extractor machine, wheat reaper-binder, reed reaper-binder, rice reaper-binder, paddy reaper-binder, anise reaper-binder, oat reaper-binder, pod reaper-binder, sorghum reaper-binder, services, transportation, chisel plough, sprink, pressure sprinkler, ayran machine, cream pasteurizer, cream pasteurizing tank, curds filtering tambour, daily products machinery, dairy pasteurizer, dairy plant, milk processing machinery, milk tanks, pasteurizer machine, pvc spiral hose, pvc garden hose
RAMS LTD. CO.        Türkiye     murat nakiboğlu    
s hose, garden hose, xhose, x hose, expandable hose
ERAY HORTUM LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Nadir Erdana    
s air conditioning, automotive, braids, coils, garden hose, lpg, perfect, pvc hose, silicone, soft, spiral, thermo, zeugma
s hose, pvc hose, knitted hose, garden hose, jacuzzi hose, heater hose, scale hose, lpg gas hose, spiral hose, achromatic spiral hose, opaque spiral hose, economic knitted hose, pe pipe, hdpe pipe, ldpe pipe, polyethylene water pipe, tse pe water pipe, watering garden, drainage of air condition water, drainage of waste water, drinking water connection, syphon connection, high density pe water pipe, watering an openland
s drip irrigation, irrigation, agriculture, garden hose, transparent hose, irrigation hose, irrigation hoses, irrigation pipe, irrigation pipes, garden irrigation hoses, garden irrigation hose, drip irrigation hose, grip irrigation hoses, silicone garden hoses, silicone garden hose, transparent garden hoses, transparent garden hose, round drip irrigation hose, round drip irrigation hoses, polyethylene pipes, polyethylene pipe, polyethylene underground pipe, polyethylene underground pipes, pipe, spare part, spare parts, pipes, hoses, hose, agricultural hoses, agricultural hose, hose spare part, hose spare parts, pipe spare part, pipe spare parts
HUNTOP INDUSTRIES CO. LTD.        Çin     Yulanda Huntop    
s garden irrigation sprinkler, trigger hose nozzles, nozzle spray gun water garden hose, garden spray gun hose kit, garden hand water sprinklers, watering wands, garden hose, hose reel, watering cans and sprayers, portable pressurized water sprayer, various pressure hand sprayer for garden, heavy duty wall mounted garden hose support holder, flexible garden buckets tubtrug, kids yard cartoon garden tool sets, garden leaf grass hay rakes, multi cell bedding plant plug trays, garden irrigation sprinkler, nozzle spray gun water garden hose, garden spray gun hose kit, garden hand water sprinklers, portable pressurized water sprayer, various pressure hand sprayer for garden, heavy duty wall mounted garden hose support holder
EUROPOLIMER LTD.        Bulgaristan     Marinela Petrova    
s drip irrigation hose, garden hose, suction hose, hoses
CELIK KAUCUK SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Serhat ALKIS    
s hoses, industrial hoses, agricultural hoses, pvc hoses, rubber hoses, irrigation hoses, thermo hoses, garden hoses, spiral steel wire hoses, wire hoses, steel wire hoses, air hoses, compressor hoses, welding hoses, fire reel hoses, spray hoses, lpg hoses, pvc suction hoses, pvc discharge hoses, water hoses, cement hoses, oil hoses, petroleum hoses, chemical hoses, special blue hoses, industrial hose, pvc discharge hose, rubber hose, air hose, hose, pvc hose, garden hose, oil hose, irrigation hose, thermo hose, compressor hose, welding hose, lpg hose, welding hoses, water hose, agricultural hose, spiral steel wire hose, wire hose, steel wire hose, fire reel hose, spray hose, pvc suction hose, cement hose, petroleum hose, chemical hose, special blue hose
EVRE PLASTIK NAKLIYE INSAAT LTD. STI.        Türkiye     mehmet YAVUZ    
s turnkey projects, shipping, construction materials, lime, brick, sand, building materials, plastic garden hose, pvc hose, pvc hoses, garden hoses, air hose, air hoses, water heater hose, plaster sand, mosaic sand, wall sand, garden sand, industrial lime, construction lime, caustic lime, package lime, granulated limestone, bulk limestone, bulk construction materials, chimney bricks, hollow brick, load bearing brick, block bricks, iso brick, ready mixed concrete, garden wall brick, transportation, plastic pipes, irrigation hoses, hoses, hose, garden hose, reinforcement bar, rebar, building construction, roofing materials, plastic irrigation hoses, roof tiles, turnkey construction, concrete sand, washed sand, exterior wall brick, column free building bricks, roof tile, red tiles, brown tiles, black tiles, garden watering hoses, earthwork products, plastic garden hoses, turnkey housing, isobrick, excavation products, turnkey building, industrial limestone, construction limestone, load bearing tile, load bearing wall brick, lime powder, caustic limestone
MERIC PAZARLAMA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Figen TAHSİN    
s home textile products, hotel textile products, food products, foodstuff, medical products, small household appliances, electric household appliances, heating units, residential heating, hardware supplies, garden supplies, garden equipments, adult pads, white goods, kitchen equipments, cooking equipments, bedroom textile products, plastic garden supplies, cake, bathrobe, oven, ironing board, pulses, pasta, ladder, textile products, bedlinen, clothes hangers, pique, bed covers, duvet sets, table covers, blanket, quilt cover set, bed linens, shower curtain, dry food, bicycle, tap, hose, garden hose, terry towel, infrared heater, bath towels, soft towel, patient pads, medical supplies, legumes, sanitarywares, rug, linens, stove, laundry hanger, barbecue, laundry equipments, seat covers, irrigation hose, towels, heating systems, plastic waste container, quartz heater, residential heating products, electric stove, home textile materials, interior textile products, residential heating equipment, interior heating products, bedroom textile materials, plumbing materials, laundry supplies, bath curtain, water fittings, hotplate oven, electric blanket, marine textile products, marine textile materials, face towel
WEIFANG XIANGAN PLASTIC CO. LTD.        Çin     wendy xu    
s garden hose, pvc hose, lay flat hose, irrigation system, water hose, clear hose, suction hose, steel wire hose, air hose, fiber hose, high presure hose, rubber air hose, flexible hose, hose pipe making machine, pvc spring hose, spray hose
BABIL SULAMA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Tayfun ALİYAZICIOĞLU    
s nozzle, nozzles, spray nozzles, spray nozzle, pipe assembly material, pipe assembly materials, sensors, sensor, pressure regulators, pressure regulator, drip irrigation, drip irrigations, garden hose, garden hoses, pond, ponds, field irrigation gun, field irrigation guns, grass seed, grass seeds, fertilizer, fertilizers, erecting equipment, erecting equipments, water meters, water meter, valve, valves, irrigation control units, irrigation control unit, globe valve, globe valves, chuck key, chuc, chuck keys, rain sensor, rain sensors
NARTAN YAPI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     KÜRŞAT AÇIK    
s furrow irrigation system, sprinkler, sprinkler irrigation system, nozzle, spray nozzles, sensors, drip irrigation, garden hose, irrigation control unit, pipe assembly material, rain sensor, irrigation system, agricultural irrigation, agricultural irrigation systems, digital controller, drippers, drip irrigation pipes, drip irrigation systems, fittings, drip irrigation systems, garden hose, irrigation system, drip irrigation, drip irrigation pipes, agricultural irrigation, agricultural irrigation systems, fittings, sprinkler irrigation system, drippers, digital controller, furrow irrigation system, pipe assembly material, irrigation control unit, rain sensor
s pu hose, pvc hose, garden hose, rubber hose, strech