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Celik Plastic and Rubber Hoses Industry Co. Ltd. had established in 1986 for manufacturing spiral suction hose. With increase of the sales volume with professional marketing team, the company had moved to its new place of 23.000 m2 at Konya Organized Industrial Area on 1991. The production volume and variety of products have been expanding since then. Now, Celik Hoses Co. is producing PVC and Rubber hoses for many different industries with variety of diameter options. Our product range includes Thermo Low/Medium pressure water, Braided Transparent, Garden Gold Water, Watering, Apex, Thermo Air, Welding Torch, Thermo Fire Reel, Agricultural, LPG, Washing Machine, Shower, Light/Medium Duty Water Suction / Delivery, Grey Dust Suction, Very Light Duty Water Delivery Hoses and Natural Silicone Hoses in PVC group and Low/Medium/High Pressure Water, Industrial Type Water, Lay flat Water, Corrugated Water Suction, Water Suction and Discharge, Hot Water, Hot Water S&D Corrugated, Textile Steam, Glass Fiber Cover Steam, Foodstuff Delivery NR, Food S&D NR, Dairy Steam Wash, Acid Delivery, Acid S&D, Solvent, Solvent S&D, Light/Medium/ Heavy Duty Air, Dust and Air Suction, Oil S&D, Oil Discharge 10 Bar, Sandblasting, Cement Discharge, Cement S&E, Cement Flat and Insulated Hoses in Rubber Group. The products manufactured in Celik Hoses Factory which had been under surveillance of highly qualified and experienced mechanical and industrial engineers are offered to all customers free of problems with the confidence and quality principles provided by the world known trademark “CELIK”. Celik Hoses have been producing %100 of the final product in its own factory from the start of preparation of the raw materials till packing and shipment process including quality controlling process with latest technology devices. Celik’s products have been using during all production stage and have reached to top quality with the contribution of our qualified personnel who are specialists in their fields. Our Products have proven to be among the leading in the field with ISO 9001/2008 Management Certificate, EN 694+A1 quality certificate for Fire Reel Hoses and Turkish Standards Institute’s quality certificates for all our products. Celik Hoses’ capacity for hoses is 20.000.000 Kgs/year. Celik’s products have been selling by the distributors in United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Slovakia, Serbia, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Malaysia and Thailand to all over the world. For products of high quality, final solution, and an enjoyable cooperation. Celik Plastic and Rubber Hoses Industry Co. Ltd, with the export department established in its own body, as a producer/ exporter increases its export volume each year to the markets of Europe, America, Africa and Middle East. Celik, producing all kind of hose in the shortest time, developing all kind of special design hoses, follows the technological changes and improvements in the sector with an administration and production structure never yielding back from quality continues to be always on the side of our customers.

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TS 9464 EN 1761
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Ali Rıza ÇELİK
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Ali Rıza ÇELİK